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    Natural Magnesium Carbonate

    This is coarse crystalline natural raw magnesite (also called macro-crystalline magnesite) which is almost a natural ore constituted wholly by magnesium carbonates(MgCO3).
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This is coarse crystalline natural raw magnesite (also called macro-crystalline magnesite) which is almost a natural ore constituted wholly by magnesium carbonates(MgCO3). It is of a rhombohedral crystal structure; often an aggregate of dense lump; more in white or gray color with glass glance; hardness 3.4-5; specific gravity 2.9 - 3.1; and high purity. It is mainly used in the manufacture of refractories and the extraction of magnesium metal. Besides, it is also used in the industries of cement, rubber, paper, suger, chemical and building materials. 

A perfect raw material for producing all kinds of grades Dead Burned Magnesite, fused magnesite and various high purity magnesite Based products. 




The composition of magnesite often replace magnesium, iron, manganese, but the iron content of natural magnesite is generally not high. Magnesite crystal of trigonal system carbonate minerals, usually assumes the explicit or implicit crystalline grains density lump, which is also known as porcelain magnesite, white or grey, iron was yellow to brown, glass luster. With complete rhombohedron cleavage, porcelain shape magnesite with conchoidal fracture. Moss hardness is 3.5 ~ 4.5, the proportion of 2.9 ~ 3.1.

Magnesium carbonate flame retardant is a low-smoke, halogen-free, high- temperature resistant inorganic mineral flame retardant. 

It can be used as halogenated polymer flame retardant fillers, such as PVC, chlorinated elastomer and CPE. 

The use of magnesium carbonate as a flame retardant filler has the following advantages: 

• increase the oxygen index 

• reduce smoke density 

• reduced smoke acidity of the smog due to the neutralization of magnesium carbonate and its main decomposition product , magnesium oxide.   

Reduce or eliminate the heavy metals in standard PVC formula to achieve excellent flame retardant performance and low smoke emission. 

 •Since the refractive index of the magnesium carbonate is very similar to that of transparent rubber, so, Mangesium Carbonate works very well in the transparent rubber.

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